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Everest Active Gear 3 Year Warranty

Products carry a 3-year WARRANTY against manufacturer’s defects unless otherwise noted.

At Everest Active Gear we believe in the quality of our gear. We believe in using the highest quality materials and we believe in manufacturing the finest craftsmanship possible. Our products are handmade, as a result products will have subtle variations from one piece to the next, caused by variations in the process of being hand crafted.

Our 3 Year Warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects for the warranty duration of your product; issues with stitching, material quality and craftsmanship that affects the use of your Everest Active Gear product.

If you feel that your Everest Active Gear product has a manufacturing defect, submit a Warranty Request and let us know about it immediately.

Returns & Refunds Policy

Our warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, lost items or reasonable wear and tear of our products.

Our products have care instructions noted on this site and must be followed to avoid voiding your warranty coverage. For example, any products that show major or excessive UV damage from being left out repeatedly in the sun (noticeable and excessive color fading, etc.) or damage from sharp or abrasive objects, fire, burns, chemicals, animal damage, etc, are not covered under warranty.

We will always try to honor any warranty, not find ways to refuse. Take care of your gear and we will always take care of you!

Warranty Request Form


Our hammocks are designed to be as safe as possible when used responsibly. There is always and intrinsic risk and children and infants can inherently find a way to add danger to the safest of activities.

Children and infants should never be unsupervised in our hammocks. Our hammocks are not tested or approved for infant safety, so infants may run the risk of suffocation if they wind up face down in the hammock and are unable to turn over.

Everest Active Gear recommends that you never leave young children or infants unsupervised in a hammock.

Safety Rules

Always hang your hammock low to the ground (18” recommended or not any higher than you are willing to fall) to minimize the risk of any injury if a fall occurs and make sure the hammock is hung from objects capable of supporting.

Always test your hanging points for stability and strength before getting in your hammock.

Always check your hammock and hanging equipment for tears, holes, fraying, signs of UV fading, weakness. If you have damaged equipment, replace it.

Never set up your hammock at a height above 18”, or above dangerous objects or terrain, where if you were to fall or malfunction could cause injury or to others.

Equipment, even new equipment, can fail.
Trees or structures that appear sturdy are not always what they seem.

Always consider safety first as a rule.

We appreciate our customers consists of a large number of responsible and knowledgeable outdoor lovers.

Safety First, & Have Fun.
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