Rob M | I like this so much I bought a second

By Everest Active Gear | July 13th, 2017 |

I’m by no means a “pro” hammock guy. I don’t know anything about knots and use things like night ize figure 9 carabiners to hold lines tight.
That being said, I motocamp and have started becoming a hammock convert from tenting. All of these hammocks seems pretty similar to me. I also have a Grand Trunk double. The material on this Everest one is a little different that the parachute nylon commonplace in other hammocks. I agree with another reviewer in that it feels softer.

Several big draws here: 1 – The price. Outstanding value. Makes me wonder why other hammocks cost almost twice as much with less features. 2 – Integrated bug net. I have a Grand Trunk mozzy net (big, bulky, but gives you a floor) and nearly bought an Eno bug net that goes around the hammock but that looked like a real pain to use or get in/out of. Having the net integrated makes things so much simlper to me. And it comes with lines built in to hold it up. And just flip it upside-down when you don’t need the net.

It doesn’t pack quite as small, obviously. But the built-in pouch has a compression strap sewn on it which is convenient (and you don’t lose it). I slept in this every night on a two-weel 4000 mile ride from New England around Ontario and around Lake Superior. Had no issues and slept fantastic, and no bugs bothered me.

I like this so much, I bought a second one recently in case it disappears from Amazon or in case something happens to the first one. I have a fear the bug net will pull away from the hammock. This may be unfounded – the stitching seems strong, and it’s a beefy zipper. Worried more about me doing something dumb to rip it moreso than a product failure.

In summary – get it, pair it with some tree straps and carabiners and enjoy. Note that it doesn’t come with carabiners – the ends of the hammock are zip-tied together. Which I’m fine with – I’d rather add good carabiners and not pay a little more for low-quality ones. My thanks to the manufacturer for offering a solid product at a reasonable price.

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