Great Tarp This One Is Superior

By Everest Active Gear | August 29th, 2017 |

I just used this tarp for the first time this weekend. I use an 11′ hammock and this covered end to end. We did get rain and wind and it was solid. Held together perfectly and no leaks. This is a very solid tarp. My favorite part is the line loc 3’s at each tie out point. It makes staking this tent out super easy and any adjustments you want to make are a breeze. I personally like to use a continuous ridgeline on my tarps so in the future I will use that instead of the two line loc’s on the ridge but I used them this time and it worked perfectly. For the same price I considered another tarp on Amazon, which my buddy had, and this one is superior. The cordage alone on this one was WAY better. Good, small, strong, and very reflective.

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