Good Hammock – Convenient Package

By Everest Active Gear | September 4th, 2017 |

Turns out this hammock is very comfortable. I have spent 5 nights in it so far. In my opinion it sleeps just as well as the ENO Double Nest. But the Everest comes with mosquito netting (more on the netting later), carabiners and tree straps for near the same price. I would buy it again, the double side netting/no netting works well, and it’s convenient to have the option in one package. The hammock and accessories were all of good quality and haven’t shown signs of wear or failing. All of the stitching in the hammock and straps was ended well with no loose threads. The exception was the included ridge line to hang the netting from. The one I received was either cut or slightly melted in the center and broke when I pulled on it. Not something I’m really concerned about when many yards of paracord can be purchased for a couple of dollars. On the surface the integral mosquito netting seems like a good idea. In practice I haven’t been able to come up with a way to keep it out of my face. It just wants to drape off of the sides a little bit. Ridge line tension helps, but doesn’t entirely solve the problem. Although I haven’t owned another hammock with the netting attached, it seems like that annoying bit of sag might be unavoidable. It keeps the bugs off you, but if the mosquitos in your area are particularly fierce, they can still get you through the nylon you’re laying on. Other minor issues: The attachment points at the end of the hammock are loops passed through the fabric. That means there are two loops at each end. Not an issue at all when using carabiners to hang it. Somewhat awkward and annoying when using toggles on the strap though. There are several videos on Youtube if you aren’t familiar with that method of hanging. The second is the knee ridge on this hammock is slightly more pronounced than the ENOs. It seems to be the ridge seam of the mosquito netting that causes this. It’s very minor though, and probably not noticeable unless you compare the two side by side like I did.

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