David Hathaway

By Everest Active Gear | June 21st, 2017 |

I purchased the model with the integrated bug net and tree straps. It is a little heavier than my traditional parachute hammock, but the comfort level is well worth a few extra ounces. The fabric is made out of a diamond ripstop which provides a little texture which i found to be softer and more comfortable than my old nylon hammock. It also seemed to cut down on static too.
It is very likely that the extra weight comes from the bug net, but if you plan to take it camping the bet is all but essential. Having it attached makes set up easier and it is definitely easier to use than sock style net. I found the net to be a little oversized, extending above my ridgeline but some tie outs attached with safety pins easily solved the problem the extra size allows you to flip the hammock over and use it without the net.
Not only is it nice to have the option of using the hammock with or without the net, in colder weather I slept with the bug net under the hammock, and used it to hold a poncho liner and space blanket to the bottom of the blanket. It was cheap and easy to pack, and performed better than any underquit I have ever used.
The straps are also heavier than a set of amsteel whoopie slings, however I found them much easier to use. I found the daisy chains made it much easier to get a level hang rather than constantly adjusting and checking the whoopie slings.
I made my last hammock myself, because manufactured ones always seemed expensive. However, in the end it probably would have cost just as much to make one myself and the craftsmanship is better than what i could have done.
You can definitely find other hammocks that are a little lighter, however in my opinion the added comfort and convenience are well worth a coupe extra ounces.

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