Buy this rain fly if you are looking for quality and craftsmanship at a great price!

By Everest Active Gear | November 8th, 2017 |

Really solid construction and quality craftsmanship. I use this with my Everest Hammock and my friends have used on their ENO DoubleNest and Dutchware Halfwits. If you own the Everest Hammock you are familiar with the quality and value, this rain fly is an awesome companion for rainy weather. The tie-out lines are a really nice cordage and it has these easy adjustment loops on the end of the fly corners so you can adjust from porch mode (shown in pics) to storm mode without having to retie or move stakes. This kept me dry during a big storm in the Red River Gorge, great coverage over Everest Hammock or any other 9”-11” Hammock.

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