By Everest Active Gear | June 21st, 2017 |

Seriously this hammock is everything I wanted and more. It’s insanely comfortable (my gf and I have fallen asleep on it countless times and we’ve only had it like 2 weeks). I probably searched 30 to 40 different hammocks trying to find the right one that was both large enough, light enough, came with good carabiners/tree straps and had a strong warranty behind it. This hammock not only met but exceeded all of those requirements. The mosquito net was also a major feature I wanted and the fact that this hammock has a super easy to use one that I’m pretty sure also has YKK zippers is amazing!
After my hammock arrived I decided to test it out at a popular park here in San Francisco. After seeing how easy it is to set up and how seriously comfortable it is. I’ve now probably shared the link to this hammock with at least half a dozen or more people.
The hammock has more than enough space for a large 6’3″ 210lb guy and his 5’4″ 140lb girlfriend. That being said, last week I bought my gf her own personal one since she was so envious of my new lounging lifestyle haha, yes mam!

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