No Hassle, No Issues, Just Quality

By Everest Active Gear | February 12th, 2018 |

As the title states. This is a great investment for anyone serious about camping with a hammock. I bought the Everest Double Wide Hammock a little over a year ago and loved it. I loved camping with it. Sleeping in it. It was a great quality product.

The problem was my rainfly setup, I was using a standard tarp. This was hard to set up. Hard to get the tension right. Took forever to even get the thing up. Just an all around pain. I had to come up with the system to rig it. I had to bring all the gear to set it up above the hammock. Not to mention the sheer size of the tarp on my pack.

I finally bit the bullet and bought this thing. WOW. What a difference. Same quality as my hammock. Super quick and easy setup. light weight. About a 1/3 of the size of the tarp I was using when packed so I can actually fit this. And all the gear is there to set the rainfly up. All in one container. Just like my hammock.

Again, if you are trying to get into hammock camping. Go with Everest. Great quality. And you WILL want a rainfly. Don’t try and save a few dollars on a tarp. The headache is just not worth it.

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