Waited Before Writing A Review, Let Me Tell You I love It

By Everest Active Gear | January 29th, 2018 |

I wanted to wait for a few uses before writing a review and let me tell you, I love it. This thing is so cool you can use it just about anywhere and get up off the ground. I set it up in my back yard first to see if I would like it and I loved it.

I actually made my own addition and bought a “full” sized air mattress and my girlfriend and I laid in it for about 4 hours watching movies on my tablet while getting used to it, she accidentally flipped upside down and the netting actually held her while I flipped her over. I was so nervous it was going to tear but am amazed to see it didn’t! I took it camping after trying it out and tied it from the brush guard of a car to a tree and it worked perfectly!

I bought my girlfriend a hammock tent now too so we can go on camping trips because I am just dying to use it more!!

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