Carabiners | Wiregate Ultra-Strong & Ultra-Light

Carabiners | Wiregate Ultra-Strong & Ultra-Light


Carabiners Wiregate

Specifically designed for hammock suspension, our wiregate ultra-light grade aluminum and ultra-strong carabiners are rated for 5kn of force, that’s 1100 lbs each. There are no sharp edges and they are quick to open one-handed. The forged “D” shape concentrates load on the spine and soft finished curved round edges prevent snagging and ripping of material accidentally. You will be able to rest well.

  • 2 Aluminum Wire Gate Carabiners
  • D-Shape No Snag
  • Length 3.15″
  • Width 1.85″
  • Weight 21gm Set
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Anyone who has ever been out camping understands that all too often it’s the little details that make all the difference. Carabiners are more often associated with rock climbing, but depending on your preferred camping set up, they become important to help set up your hammock strap suspension system and picking the right ones for your specific needs can make a major difference.

Our biners come in at 21 grams per set, making them incredibly light even compared to other wire carabiners made specifically for hammock campers and ultralight hikers. Made out of a cast aluminum they are rated 5 KN, which allows them to handle up to 1100 lbs of share load.


Additional information

Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4.7 × .7 cm

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