Hammock Suspension | Tree Saver Straps

Hammock Suspension | Tree Saver Straps


Tree Saver Straps

Our Tree Saver Hammock straps are tree friendly and don’t damage bark unlike traditional types of rope suspension systems. The straps are incredibly lightweight and only weigh around 15 oz. this makes it easy to pack light for hiking or camping. The straps are 1” wide and 10’ long with 14 loops, each loop is triple stitched tack bars, adjustable daisy chain loops at 3” spacing for ultra-fine tune adjustments so you can achieve the perfect hammock hang.

  • Reinforced Polyester 1000D Fabric
  • Dimensions 120″ Long x 1″ Wide
  • Packed Size 6″ x 4.7″ x 2.3″ Inches
  • Weight 1.0 Pounds / 15 Oz.
  • 2 x 10 ft No-Stretch Polyester Webbing. (0.5lb)
  • 1 x Strap Stuff Pouch
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What do you look for in a hammock? Among other things, it should be durable, versatile and strong enough to keep you suspended and have you feeling safe. Another factor is support. No matter your level of camping proficiency, you still want to be comfortable and safe. And so, we offer the Everest Active Gear Tree Saver Hammock Straps. These straps will enhance your hammock experience as the most comfortable rest you will ever have to know you are safely supported.

The straps are compatible with ENO SingleNest, DoubleNest, BearButt, Wise Owl, and most all other hammocks. The compatibility of the straps with other brands is a huge advantage, traditional straps can break so easily and the rope is not advised. It is a smart choice to buy our straps along with an Everest Active Gear hammock so that you can have a strong reliable and safe outing.

The right straps mean the difference between a frustratingly difficult setup or a surprisingly easy one. It also means that you will sleep more soundly because you know that your straps will be there to support you and keep you safe all throughout the night.

Additional information

Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 6 cm

Khaki, Navy

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