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About Everest Active Gear

If you were to define the word adventure it is “exciting or unusual experience” It is for this word Everest Active Gear is made. From my passionate obsession for the outdoors, hiking and travel adventures I have spent many years roaming continents, climbing mountains, crossing oceans and my hammock is an essential travel companion. There is something so majestic, peaceful and compelling about being in nature swinging freely in a hammock.

“Take on your rugged wilderness journeys—into the depths of the woods, to the stillness of the lakes and above the clouds on the highest mountains”

“Nature is our Therapy”

Everest Active Gear Rain Tarp and Hammock set up in nature

It’s when you truly rely on your equipment that you realize it has that integral role in both ensuring your comfort and overall experience of being in nature. I have learnt this importance from my own personal experiences over many years. For this reason is has been a progression to develop Everest Active Gear range and hammocks. Camping hammocks are lightweight, super portable and perfect environmentally low impact shelter.

Our Mission

It’s said often the price of greatness is responsibility, this should also apply to company philosophy. It is my belief we each and all have a social responsibility. Everest Active Gear is a small company with a big passion. It was founded in name after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Being in Asia at the time traveling and seeing the devastation I felt compelled. I wanted to help where, and however I could for those less in need. Realizing the complexity and scale of what was and still is required in Nepal for those in need I feel a sense of obligation to assist with the continuous requirement of development for essential services for those in need. For this Everest Active Gear was born.

I also believe we each have a responsibility to protect the very environment that we use as our recreation. It is for this reason that I promote awareness of other NGO’s that deserve recognition and to raise awareness.

Thank You

About Us

I grew up as a child spending hours in the woods at any opportunity I could grasp. The world then was a different place to what it is now, from an early age as a child for as long as I can remember I had a passion for nature, adventure and a want to travel and explore. Today I still have this passion and it is this sense of freedom that has inspired what I do today. There is still something so special to me about being in the wilderness, hiking a trail or sleeping under the stars.

Timothy Dowling

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